Sea-Land נמצאת במיקום הטוב ביותר שניתן להציע לכל תייר, לכל אורח ולכל נופש. חדרי הנופש נמצאים במרחק הליכה מכל מרכז חשוב בלב העיר תל אביב. Sea-Land ממוקמת במרכז העיניינים סמוך לכל האטרקציות החשובות בעיר תל אביב. חמש עשרה סוויטות המכילות את כל האמצעים והשירותים לנוחיות הנופשים.

סי לנד - מלון דירות

Tel-Aviv is the jewel in the crown of Israel and a stunning place to vacation inTel-Aviv has become very popular over the years and the call of the beautiful Mediterranean Ocean brings people back year after year. It is Israel’s main city of culture, business and commercial dealings which are all placed in and around the busy and popular hotels, shopping centers and main attractions.

The two main local beaches, the Frischman and the Gordan, are some of the best beaches in the world as the water is completely crystal clear and the golden, almost white, sands are enticing.

In and around Tel-Aviv there are a host of different restaurants, bars and arenas. There are plenty of things to take part in and there is a large activities list of things to do for families and things for the vacationing couple. There are plenty of day trips available to Israel’s other famous cities such as Jerusalem, Bethlehem and the Dead Sea.

Within the Sea-Land complex there are 15 different well equipped seashore suites that come with all of the facilities that you could ever need. You will also have full access to a variety of services that are offered to you by Sea-Land during your stay which other tourists will not get access to.

For every booking over $750 you will receive a fantastic, luxury, traditional Israeli breakfast for two!

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