Sea-Land Apartments has one of these relaxing and uniquely placed hotels in the seashore apartments that are let out. 
The reason it is uniquely based is due to its location which is just a three minute walk away from the beach and also just a four minute walk away from the main city where all of the local nightlife, cultural centers, art galleries and exotic markets are situated.

Royal Garden

Includes: a large spacious living room + bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, door to a private garden comfortable beds by Wieder / Paradise. Adjacent parking lot.

Wall cabinets, cable TV, internet, refrigerator, toaster, electric stove
The suite can house up to 4 persons.


October 2013, Massimo E
“Right value for money, excellent service”

October 25, 2013, bankerlady7777
“A comfortable home away from home”

October 23, 2013, jayhay1234
“Good value comfortable apartment”

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